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Daniels, Norelli, Scully, & Cecere, PC is a debt collection law firm based outside of New York City, east of Brooklyn and Queens County. Tel: 516-338-7520

Commonly referred to as “Daniels Norelli”, the law firm has filed hundreds of debt collection lawsuits on behalf of CACH, LLC and CACV of Colorado, LLC, which are debt buyer companies that purchase charged-off credit card debts from banks such as GE Money Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, and HSBC Bank.

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Since Daniels Norelli clients are not the original creditor, it is a good idea to review the debt collection documents to make sure the original creditor provided all of your account information to CACH, LLC and CACV of Colorado, LLC at the time your bank allegedly sold them your account. Before you enter into a payment agreement, you have the right to request copies of the credit card account records from Daniels Norelli, CACH, LLC and CACV of Colorado, LLC and to make sure you really owe the debt they claim.

If you have been contacted by Daniels Norelli, call us for a free review of the case and to learn your rights regarding a charged-off and sold account.